Our Workshop Services

The (Non Geared Bike)

  • Handlebar/stem correctly adjusted and tightened , Handlebar stem not to exceed minimum insert
  • Brake shoes not worn and correctly positioned
  • Brake cables lubricated,adjusted, not worn  brake levers tightly secured
  • Chain oiled, runs smoothly
  • Wheels and Tyres  * tyres inflated correctly, suffcient tread, rims run true and no broken spokes
  • All bearings lubricated run freely, no grinding  including Headset, Pedals, Bottom Bracket
  • Cranks and Pedals: Axle nuts are tight
  • Ensure clamp underneath saddle is tightened
  • Cranks Securely tightened to axle and not bent
  • Saddle pillar not to exceed minimum insert

The Basics ( Geared Bike)

Everything in the Non Geared Bikes PLUS
  • Remove Disc brake Pads and Check : Check front and rear mechanisms are adjusted
  • Wheels and Tyres  : Ensure control levers are securely attached
  • Check spoke tension and true if minor buckle
  • Check cones and tighten ,
  • Quick release axles, make sure locking levers are tight
  • Shift levers and gear cables are lubricated
  • Steering & fork and rear suspension are correctly tightened
  • Check Headset
  • Check for wear or side play in rear suspension
  • Ends of Handlebars and barends covered or capped   Frame and Fork
  • Check that the frame and fork are not bent or broken. Make sure drop out is straight
  • Check for  chain wear, stiff links
  • Ensure all bolts are tightened as necessary
  • Bearings, Check Bottom Bracket  ent
  • Saddle pillar not to exceed minimum insert

Deluxe Service

Everything in the previous 2 packages PLUS
  • Bike Spa:   Dérailleurs / Gearing
  • Remove clean chain/cassette and refit
  • Clean, replace gear cables, inners and outers Does not include costs of cables/outer
  • Bottom Bracket,    Remove/re-grease bottom bracket
  • Check chainrings for wear

The Rotorua Cycle Centre has been at the forefront of the cycling industry for more than 50 years. (Formerly Frews, and Becketts)

Our Other Services

MCU Fork Elastomer


Face Disc Brake Pads

$30.00 per end

Single Crown Fork - oil dampened


Bleed Hydro Brakes

From $20.00

plus fluid per end
Rear Shock


Service/rebuild Hydro brakes

From $30

Fit Suspension


Fit Brakes Pads /or adjust

$15.00 per end

Fit Tyre


Fit Tube


Basic minor true


Re Tension, major buckle


Hub Service/cones

$15.00 to $25.00

Box a Bike


Wheel Build


Align Hanger and tune gears


Drive Train Bike Spa, Basic


Deluxe Drivetrain


Fit Bottom Bracket


Adjust Bottom Bracket


Fit Headset


Adjust Headset


Build a Bike